17 - 18. June. 2022

Chae Young received a grand prize for oral presentation in the spring conference of KSHT 2022.


20 - 26. May. 2022

We stayed in Munich, Germany before the conference and Salzburg, Austria after the conference owing to the flight schedule. It was a pleasure to see many beautiful places and we enjoyed having European dishes.

Munich, Germany


Munich city hall

Karls platz, Marien platz

Munich residenz


Salzburg, Austria


Mirabell palace

Salzach river

Residenz platz

Cafe Tomaselli (since 1703)

Schnitzel, Strobl-Stüberl

Salzburg view at the Hohensalzburg palace

20 - 26. May. 2022

LAMP attended the 5th HMnS conference in Voestalpine at Linz, Austria.


Danube river

29. April. 2022

Gwun Seong received a grand prize for oral presentation in spring conference of KIMM 2022.


07. December. 2021

Hyun Wook, Tak Min, and Mun Sik received a Young Steel Scientist Award at ASIA STEEL 2021 conference.


05. December. - 09. December. 2021

LAMP group members attended ASIA STEEL 2021 conference held in Gyeongju. After the conference program, we had a break time in Gyeongju. 


01. December. 2021

Hyun Wook Lee received a grand prize for oral presentation for PBL program of Korea Iron & Steel Association. The presentation title was "Designing low-Ni martensitic steels with novel cryogenic impact toughness of 200 J". 


22. October. 2021

Mun Sik Jeong and Chae Young Kim received a grand prize for poster presentation in fall conference of KIMM 2021. The presentation title was "Characterization of an Fe-Ni-Al-C alloy with excellent formability without heat treatment after cold rolling" and "Designing of ultrastrong lightweight maraging steel". 

kimm prize.jpg

22. October. 2021

We have attended 2021 Fall KIMM conference held in Jeju island. Coffee time in Vadada cafe. 


31. August. 2021

We enjoyed the first online symposium for AKKORD. AKKORD is "Alumni - Kreis - KORea - Deutschland: Materialwissenschaften", and Korean meaning is "한마음". The consortium is composed of 16 professors and doctors, who have experience of a post-doctoral fellowship or doctoral course in Germany (MPIE, RWTH Aachen, Karlsruhe Ins.). The dean of our consortium is Prof. Pyuck-Pa Choi (KAIST), and the general affairs are Prof. Jeongho Han (Hanyang Univ.), Jae Bok Seol (Gyeongsang Nat. Univ.), and Jee-Hyun Kang (Yeungnam Univ.). Today, six professors presented their research area and research instrument for future collaboration. We hope this consortium will develop further, and also hope for much more active collaboration.


04. May. 2021

Tak Min Park is selected as a recipient for Basic Science Research Program for Ph.D course students (박사과정생연구장려금지원사업). He will receive research funding from NRF for 2 years. The research topic is hydrogen embrittlement of medium-Mn steels.

06. November. 2020

Hyun Wook Lee and Mun Sik Jeong received a grand prize for poster presentation in fall conference of KIMM 2020. Presentation title was "Investigation on the Applicability of Intermetallic Precipitation in Medium Mn Steel to Improve Impact Toughness" and "Recovering the Ductility of Medium-Mn Steel by Restoring the Original Microstructure". 


25. February. 2020

Prof. Han is selected as a 2019 Outstanding Reviewer of Acta Materialia.


27. September. 2019

POSCO Chungam foundation announced the results of selection for POSCO Science Fellowship by 27. September. Prof. Han is selected as a fellowship for metallurgical engineering.






1. September. 2019

We moved to Hanyang University.

8. May. 2019


Professor Dierk Raabe visited KAIST for seminar. The faculty member of KAIST and Prof. J. Han have a great dinner and discussion.


18. November. - 21. November. 2018


Our lab. member has attended the ICAS2018 conference in Jeju island. During the meeting, we had many fruitful discussions with MPIE colleagues (Dr. Dirk Ponge, Mr. Aniruddha Dutta, Dr. Binhan Sun) about medium Mn steel research. After the conference, we have looked around some beautiful place of Jeju, and have a great farewell dinner.


16. July. - 03. August. 2018


Prof. Han visited MPIE and Leibneiz institute in Germany for collaboration. 


09-13. July. 2018


We have participated in the Thermec2018 conference held in Paris. Tak Min Park and Min Tae Kim presented two posters and Prof. Han had an invited oral presentation.  


03. May. 2018


Tak Min Park received a grand prize for oral presentation in spring conference of KIMM 2017. Presentation title was "Enhanced resistance of H embrittlement in TWIP steel by partial recrystallization technique."  

31. October. 2017


Prof. Han visited the Prof. Hidetoshi Fujii group in "Joining and Welding Research Institute (JWRI)" of Osaka University for the invited seminar and future collaboration.